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Rashtra Gaurav Puruskar

Rashtra Gaurav Puruskar Award is an initiate to recognize the great effort and contribution in nation’s building. This is an honor foe all those dignitaries who have performed a remarkable contribution in their respected field. The prestigious award is designed to honor all the great dignitaries who are working hard and making our country proud. This award is basically an iconic award which represent the Rashtra Gaurav icon where all the iconic personality will be honored with an award title. Our initiative is to celebrate the creativity, innovation and effectiveness in the industry.

Child Education

The Education programme of Vishwa maitri sangh which is an NGO in India identifies such out-of-school children from remote villages, tribal areas and urban slums, and provides them quality education.Our organizations to belives to educate needy children ,who not get proper education due to lack of money,and also educate their parent to send their children to school. Education is the process of facilitating learning, or the acquisition of knowledge, skills, values, beliefs, and habits. Educational methods include storytelling, discussion, teaching, training, and directed research. Education frequently takes place under the guidance of educators, however learners may also educate themselves.

Medical Help

Vishwa Maitri Sangh Health interventions work to improve the access to quality healthcare services for the poor and marginalised communities. By identifying the root causes of healthcare challenges, we work at the individual, community, and systemic levels to develop innovative solutions and help implement quality healthcare services. The ambit of our work includes improving of maternal and reproductive health, child health and nutrition, and early identification and treatment of communicable diseases.

Corana Time Help

Vishwa Maitri Sangh who were distributing food and ration to the needy have said that their resources were drying up with the extension of lockdown still May 3. Lalbabu Gupta, a social activist from Vishwa Shri Ram Sena are offering food packets to around 4,500 to 5,000 people twice a day. “We had no idea that the government will extend the lockdown. We had funds and plan still April 14. Now, we are facing difficulties providing food to people,”. He said that the individuals are coming forward to donate, but they also have limitations. “The best part of our food distribution system was that we were going door to door. We had given people food cards and every day freshly cooked food packets were being given following social distancing and lockdown norms.


Vishwa Maitri Sangh Livelihood mandate works with the women engaged in smallholder agriculture, small businesses or employed as farm or non-farm labour. Implementing a range of innovative initiatives, we help women build secure and resilient livelihoods and climb out of poverty permanently. The key approaches adopted in livelihood sector initiatives include capability enhancement, asset building, collectivisation, inclusive value chain development and engagement of men and other influential actors.

Gender Equality

Gender equality lies at the core of all the work that Vishwa Maitri Sangh does. Deep rooted gender inequitable relations, power dynamics and social norms in India add to the vulnerabilities and marginalisation of women in many communities. Our aim is to bring a gender transformative change at the individual, household, and community levels. Our on-ground programmes feature a strong gender component that allows men and women, boys and girls, to live with mutual respect and equal opportunities. Behaviour change communication is the key element across all our projects to enhance awareness and strengthen the ability of women and their collectives to challenge and change unjust gender and social norms.

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